Le Clos Castel

Local Info

Visitors have a choice between seaside and countryside.

The stunning beauty of the region's interior, with its thatched cottages, traditional farming and ever-changing landscapes, is matched by a long coastline which stretches from the wild windswept scenery and dramatic cliffs around La Hague to the low-lying coast facing Mont Saint Michel; from the pretty Saire Valley and its lush slopes to the little town of Mortain, the Cotentin Peninsula offers visitors a wide variety of landscapes.

Never more than 30 miles from the sea, its climate is healthy and invigorating. Moors, wetlands, prairies and forests succeed each other, while the grasslands of Carentan, the escarpments of the Vire valley and the hills of Coutances complete a patchwork to delight artists and tourists alike.

Cafe Gondreé